Fitness Psychological States And The Problem with Motivation

As human beings, we like to think we’re rational, but unfortunately we’re not. As a person whose self-control could go from high to “feed me all the things” in the matter of seconds, I found my own decision making to be fascinating.

The reality is that when it comes to fitness, we all have a multiple personality disorder of sorts. I call these “fitness psychological states.”

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The Most Effective Workout in The World

I’ve tried hundreds of different types of workout programs–full body, intensity-focused, volume-focused, depletion/super-compensation based and every (combination you can make) for example. I’ve yet to encounter a workout as effective as the one below, a variant on Martin Berkhan’s Reverse Pyramid Training regimen. Sure, there are workouts that may allow you to build more muscle in fewer weeks, assuming the correct Continue reading

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The Most Comprehensive Cohort Analysis Guide In The Universe IMO

Part 1: Cohort Analysis 101 and Analyzing Your Users’ First Week Funny enough, half of people who know me (or of me) have no clue that I’m a fitness blogger, while the other half have no clue that I spend most of my time growth hacking (and not the fitness kind). I’ve decided to devote an even portion to this Continue reading

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