How to Train with Dick

Thanks for your interest in training with me.

The first thing I’ll say is that the way that I coach people is different than most. Many fitness coaches assume that their trainees have already built fitness habit. Subsequently, they’ll give you a training program, diet program, tell you to stick with it, then yell at you if you don’t.

That’s fine for certain trainees, especially more intermediate and advanced ones.

I’m not like that, however. I think that coaching should be more like dancing than wrestling. In other words, I’ll work with you to build habit and absorb my principles.

Let’s say you can’t adhere to one of my recommendations. I’ll know if I should push you because you’ll eventually adapt – or – work with you to find an alternative.

For example, I’ve had enough clients where I know that if a non-vegetarian has difficulty adhering to their protein amounts, they will eventually get used to it. In that case, I’ll push you to keep going. Conversely, if deadlifts don’t feel “right” for you, I may work with you to find something in the interim.

That’s the value that I bring as a coach. Sometimes, I’M the person that knows what’s best for you. Sometimes, YOU’RE the person that knows what’s best for you.

There are several ways that you can train with me. Let’s go from low touch to high touch.

Training with Dick

1. Macro Coaching (low touch) – The lowest touch way is to sign up for my macro coaching group. I’ll take all of your information, create a set of macros for you, and adjust them every week based on progress. This is low touch, and you already need to know how to count macros, but it’s ridiculously cost-effective. Some people will pay hundreds of dollars just for a set of macros.

2.Group Coaching (medium touch) –  You can also join my signature “Your Ultimate Transformation” Fitocracy Team Fitness (FTF) group. I’ll create a diet and training program for you, and you’ll be placed in a group of about 30 people. I’ll answer all of your questions and make adjustments as necessary.

3. One-on-one Coaching (high touch) – Lastly, you can sign up for my 1-on-1 coaching. There are a limited number of spots for this (there are two open ones at the moment that I’m writing this.) With 1-on-1 coaching you get access to my brain 24/7. You even get my cellphone number so that you can text me and I can help you in real time. If you’re interested in training with me personally, fill this out.

Oh and if you have questions about any of these options, drop me your contact info here.

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