The ULTIMATE Persona-based Strategies for Hitting Your Macros

Once I started getting a large breadth of clients, I quickly realized is that there is tremendous variance in someone’s ability to count their macros. (You can read more about the actual mechanism of counting macros in Mike Vacanti’s article here. IMO this should be the bible for counting macros.) That variance exists on a spectrum.

At one end of the macro spectrum, you have people who are able to seamlessly plan each meal and always know how to hit their remaining macros as the day goes on. (Whether or not they execute this is a different matter, which we’ll talk about later.) Unsurprisingly, this type of person tends to be the meticulous OCD type. They are creatures of habit, enjoy categorization, and are always well organized.

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Understanding the Scale, Bloat, and Weight Loss

There are few morning things that have the power to absolutely dictate my mood for the day. A loss in my fantasy league, for example, will pretty much ensure that I’m scowling even on the nicest of days.

More relevant thing to you, my dear reader, is the number that I see when I step on the scale while I’m on a fat loss diet.

Fortunately the scale reading is only a number. Like all pieces of data, this number may or may not be an accurate reflection of whether or not you are losing fat.

Let’s look at problems with over relying on your scale weight and how we can better interpret said weight.

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