Skyrocket Your Client Retention Rate by Optimizing “Activation”

I only really excel at a handful of things (aside from drinking) so I don’t brag much. But I’m going to brag for a bit for the sake of an important concept.

Between my personal Fitocracy Team Fitness groups and one-on-one coaching, I believe that I have one of the highest client transformation success rates out there. Keep in mind that all of my clients are your “Average Joe,” most of whom could never get into fitness consistently. I’m literally inundated with client messages saying “this is the first program that has ever worked for me.”

Now, I wasn’t always a good coach. My methods once consisted of handing out macros and then yelling at clients when they missed their targets. This worked for fitness enthusiasts, but the second that I started training “normals,” nine out of ten trainees dropped off. Compare this to my current Fitocracy Team Fitness training group, in which I retained 39 out of 40 trainees month-over-month, standard deviations above the norm.

It’s worth noting that I have no fitness credentials. None. Nada. Zip. You might think that my client success rate is despite this, but I believe that it’s actually because of this.

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The ULTIMATE Persona-based Strategies for Hitting Your Macros

Once I started getting a large breadth of clients, I quickly realized is that there is tremendous variance in someone’s ability to count their macros. (You can read more about the actual mechanism of counting macros in Mike Vacanti’s article here. IMO this should be the bible for counting macros.) That variance exists on a spectrum.

At one end of the macro spectrum, you have people who are able to seamlessly plan each meal and always know how to hit their remaining macros as the day goes on. (Whether or not they execute this is a different matter, which we’ll talk about later.) Unsurprisingly, this type of person tends to be the meticulous OCD type. They are creatures of habit, enjoy categorization, and are always well organized.

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The Importance of Staying Full

“Why are you making me eat so much food? Aren’t I trying to lose weight?”

That’s essentially the question that someone asked in my Minimum Viable Fitness training group. More specifically, he felt silly stuffing his face every day with ice cream and the like on a program focused on fat loss. He wanted to know if he could just have minimum numbers of fat, protein, and carbohydrates, then eat until satiety.

Here’s my candid response to him. I apologize for typos and whatnot… I did not intend on turning this into a blog post.

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